Missing / Absconding Cases

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This service is dedicated to the families of those persons who have either gone missing or have been kidnapped or are living in unknown place/s. One may observe that on an average two to three persons are missing or kidnapped in any City on daily basis. In many cases, the persons are living with someone else after having left their families.
We find out their details in a professional manner. All is required to intimate the details of the person/s including all email ids/mobile nos and last job/s if any for us to help you. To avoid any exploitation of our service, a FIR reference may also be required to be mentioned unless some other reason exists.
With regards to Missing and or Kidnapped Persons, approach us only if the person was Computer literate and had been using email/s and or mobile. In case the person has been using Computer or Laptop at home or in person, then do not try to delete any document or any application. In such a case, the physical access to his/her Computer or Laptop could be asked for examination.
The details required to be submitted should be exhaustive as per the form 'Details- Name' as under:-
Details -
a) Name and contact details of person requesting for this service.
b) Details of Missing, Kidnapped or Absconding Person -
1. Name:
2. Date of Birth:
3. Email id/s:
4. Contact details (Mobile, etc):
5. Friends (with email ids if available) and with details with regards to their job/s:
6. Relatives like brother/s and sisters, etc:
7. Hobbies or passion for:
8. Information on social/networking sites visited in the past (if available):
9. Father and Mother's contact details:
10. FIR no. if complaint lodged in police station:
11. Any other information which could be beneficial:
Note: The details may be sent to us by email on:
support@cybercrimehelpline.in besides filling up the query form too.

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