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We have our trained team for Research Wing with lab and necessary equipment to undertake forensics or develop our own applications to enhance Cyber Security. We encourage our research team to work in the field of development of applications for welfare of society.
Apart from research on applications pertaining to windows and android platforms, we intend to offer our services for Corporate, Banks, Government and Police/Legal agencies. Some of our tools/applications and services are enlisted as under:-
a) AUPRF Admin Utility Password retrieval and Forensics Tool
b) CCH Forensics Tool Every Student is provided with the tool
c) Information gathering Tool (for legal/investigation purpose only) under development
d) Hide/Unhide Tool - For hiding files and folders
e) Windows based PC/Laptop encryption and decryption Tool.
f) Wifi Details Extraction (details of all wifi ever connected)
g) Stealth Document Extraction Tool
h) Advanced Phishing Tools and Methodology for demonstration Purposes
i) Password extraction by image
j) USB Enable/Disable
k) Disable Firewall and Defender
l) Windows Auditing Tool
     The above tools are on sale for those admins/professionals who work in this field.

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    Corporate Office: 2S2B, First Floor,
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    Training Centre & Forensics Lab: 225B & 226B, First Floor,
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