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Social media frauds, Investigation and solutions
We deal with all types of Cyber Investigations. If anyone is stalking, blackmailing or harassing through social media sites or mobile, we help the victim immediate relief by either resolving the issues at our level or helping them file technically sound complaints with the Police/Cyber Cells.
Debit/ Credit card fraud
We also help victims in filing of complaints in respect of Debit/Credit Card Frauds or net banking transfers.
Locked Account Help
We help the victims in case they have lost their profile/login details. We also investigate if their account is being operated by somebody else or if any fake account has been created on any social media site/s.
Email Threats
Our Cyber Investigators are trained to handle frauds and harassments caused through emails. Our methodology to establish the fraudster is different. One got to beware on the links sent by emails as these could be a phishing attempt to steal the victim’s credentials.
Corporate Investigations
We are proficient to handle all Cyber related Corporate Investigations. Be it data theft, fake invoice or employee monitoring, we will establish in a professional manner. We also undertake IT audit of Computers/Laptops for maintaining proper cyber hygiene.
Ransomware Threats
We undertake decryption of encrypted files post Ransomware attack in addition to imposing Cyber Security measures and safety precautions against Ransomware.

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