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We undertake Snap Forensics and Deeper Forensics of individual Computer Systems or Company’s PC/Laptop. We provide our services either onsite or in our Lab. We establish the facts on the Cloned drive connected to your Computer System. Our team undertakes the following in an efficient and professional manner:-
1. Extracting evidences from laptops and computers
2. Data recovery from hard disks, pen drive or SD Cards
3. Cloning Services of digital media
4. Devices affected by Ransomware
5. Data Theft and Fake Invoice investigations
Cyber forensics is a branch of digital forensics. It deals with collection, analyzing and reporting in the way that is legally admissible.
Do you want to extract evidences from laptops, computers and mobiles without tampering in order to maintain its legal sanctity? We also extract evidences from hard disks, pen drive and SD card without tampering them? Do you want to copy or clone a bootable device? We do it in an offline manner and ensure its write protected to maintain sanctity.
Cyber Crime Helpline offers all cyber forensic services including extraction of evidences from laptops and computers, data recovery from hard disks, pen drive or SD Cards, cloning Services of digital media and recover data from devices affected by Ransomware.

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